"Williams will have you on the edge of your seat, hiding beneath the covers, and leave you wanting more!"

   Eliza Brown (Goodreads, IBR)

"You find yourself unable to quit. Sign of a gifted writer there!"

Steph Coleman (IBR, B&N, Goodreads))

"Williams has a strong talent for really putting us inside the story!"

Cam Jones (Indie Book Reviewers, B&N)

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"One darkly disturbing tale!"

Cam Jones - Indie Book Reviewers

"David is one of those characters that will be impossible to forget!"

Laura Clarke - Barnes & Noble

"Intriguing, original, haunting, spine tingling!"

Jason Thackery - Goodreads

"Great dark horrifying read that will satisfy fans of the genre!"

Darla Ortiz - IBR

"Everything you could possibly want from a gripping horror novel!"

Eliza Brown - Goodreads

"One of the creepiest and darkly riveting books I've readl!"

Essie Harmon - Barnes & Noble

"Packs such a punch, we are often left with our jaws hanging open!"

Steph Coleman - Indie Book Reviewers


"Genuinely creepy and frightening!"

Cam Jones - Indie Book Reviewers

"Crazy, twisted, paranormal mystery/thriller!"

Laura Clarke - Barnes & Noble

"Fast paced and atmospheric!"

Layla Messing - Indie Book Reviewers

"Recommended for fans of dark paranormal, horror and suspense!"

Steph Coleman - Indie Book Reviewers

"Haunting and engrossing!"

Eliza Brown - Goodreads

"The writing is so good...Strong and passionate and intelligent!"

John Goldman - Goodreads

"Amazing. Disturbing. Haunting!"

Marcella Gonzales - Barnes & Noble


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