Matthew James Williams was born in Evesham hospital, Midlands UK in 1975, the youngest child of Carol and Peter Williams. He shared a very homely and stable upbringing with his brother and his sister in the village of Feckenham, Worcestershire.


Matthew attended Feckenham primary school, Ridgeway middle school and finally the Abbey high school. He left school in 1991 after underachieving in his exams; choosing artistic expression through music over his academic studies at the time.


From the age of fourteen to twenty, Matthew played lead guitar in several bands; the first was called 'Solitary Illusion' and was formed with a group of school friends. Despite his largely unsuccessful initial pursuit of rock stardom, he remained unperturbed and joined forces with his brother in a band named 'Final Blessing' but once again the experience failed to become the dream that it had started out to be. Finally Matthew joined a Birmingham based band called 'Deliverance' and spent several years playing the local pub and club circuits; he even played at the Ruskin Arms in London where 'Iron Maiden' had first started out. His future at that point in time was headed somewhere far removed from where he is today, but more on that a little later.


So fresh out of school at the age of sixteen, Matthew landed an engineering apprenticeship at a plastics company in Bromsgrove. After the revelation that he was dyslexic, something brought to his attention in his final year at school by a wonderful teacher called Mrs. Hughes; he was able to approach his next five years of study at NEW College Bromsgrove with greater confidence and application than he had shown at school. While still continuing his leisure activities in music he achieved almost straight distinctions in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


1999 was a year that in hindsight was pivotal in the writing of his first novel - The Shady Corner. The birth of his first son Sebastian in 1995 and his decision to put aside his music to ensure the successful completion of his apprenticeship ultimately led his life in a very different direction to where he was at the time. A looming promotion at work unleashed his dyslexia demons and he chose to face these demons by writing seven chapters of a then unnamed story; seeking advice and guidance from his friends and family as much as he could. The thought of publishing his work was never even present at the time, but he did achieve far greater comfort in his writing ability; laying his dyslexia demons to rest for good.


In 2006 Matthew was made redundant from his job and while going through his old paperwork he came across the pages he had written back in 1999. Reading them again all these years later lit a burning desire within him to finish the story. The Shady Corner was born and the original seven chapters were condensed into four and another twenty-one chapters were written; two more years of gaining feedback and critiques from friends and family followed and during this time many chapters were rewritten time and time again to get them ready for publication in 2008.


It could be called a twist of fate, but after a very successful surge of interest in The Shady Corner, one person in particular purchased his novel and it was that person who would be the one to change his life. Matthew and Isabella fell in love the moment they met and weirdly The Shady Corner had been the catalyst in which their love was ignited, from that moment on his life would never be the same again. Problems with the first publication that left his novel dead in the water and the tragic loss of his father made 2009 a very difficult year, Isabella was always there by Matthew’s side and their love only grew stronger with every challenge.


Something unthinkable when they first met became Matthew and Isabella’s strongest desire; they were so happy together it seemed wrong to not to have a child to share it all with. Life was great, but as is always the way with life a new demon stood in the way of Matthew’s writing; time, there simply wasn’t enough of it anymore. In 2010 Zachary James Williams was born along with their mantra ‘You can always make money, you can’t always make memories!’ and so the memory making began.


2011 saw Matthew and Isabella married in Malvern registry office and honeymoon in the ever beautiful Highlands of Scotland, The Shady Corner almost became a distant memory along with any aspirations of writing his second novel, which he had barely started at that point. But with Isabella at his side and through the kindness of a stranger named Ronald Marsh, The Shady Corner was destined to be reborn. Ronald Marsh helped Matthew to bring The Shady Corner back from the dead and in 2012, a reworked and edited manuscript that Matthew dedicated to his late father was republished and work on his second novel Shadowchild began.


However, time was still the demon that stood in the way, life was too good and making memories with his family occupied most of it, as a result Shadowchild took nearly four years to complete, and Isabella was always there to ensure the story stayed strong for the reader. Finally at the end of 2016 the manuscript was ready and Shadowchild will be born in 2017.

Work has already begun on Matthew’s third novel, with a working title of ‘Talia’s Kiss’ it is currently in the embryonic stage, but Matthew is targeting early 2018 for its release so long as he can slay the demons of time.




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