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Amazing. Disturbing. Haunting. This is a book that I won’t easily or soon forget. It and the author Matthew Williams has branded a part of my psyche with his dark and gripping and evocative tale unlike anything I’ve read. I liked that it wasn’t like every other ‘possession’ story out there, and at times had a more surreal, literary bent that goes deeper than your ordinary “I’m this evil thing making a young girl do evil things” type novel. It wasn’t predictable, and I appreciated the originality, especially for being in a genre where so many books seem the same. The ending is freaking insane and leaves me very unsettled. And that’s what made this book end perfectly! I’d definitely be interested in reading more from this talented author to see what other terrifying tricks he has up his sleeve. Highly recommend.

Marcella Gonzales (Read the full review)

Okay Woah, what an insane book! I didn’t expect to be so sucked into this world that Matthew Williams created as I was. I will probably have nightmares! There is so much mystery and intrigue and ‘what the heck is happening here’ that you can’t help but want to keep reading more and more. At first it seems like it may just be a ghost story or a demon possession, but it’s way more than that, and the whole story behind it is very cool and well-thought out. There are many shocking twists and overall I thought the storyline was original and well-written. Williams captures the creepy vibe of the setting and his subjects perfectly. Thought the ending was great – Eeks! ha! Recommended read for 18+

Williams has a strong talent for really putting us inside the story and giving really complex and interesting history/backstory and events, and his attention to character detail. Not only is it a frighteningly good story with a cool “mystery” (what the evil entity really is and why/how) I liked it for so many different reasons: first the writing was great. The strong word choice and fluid prose makes it a very easy book to lose yourself in. There are enough descriptions where you can visualize everything perfectly, but not so much that it bogs down the pacing. I liked that there were things I haven’t seen in other books like this before, and it was genuinely creepy and frightening with a cool historical/paranormal element. A great book that will stay with me for a long time. Can see fans of horror loving this one. Adults only.

Just a heads up..…when starting this book make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be or anything you need to do because you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve finished it all!! Trust me on this! The book starts off with an intriguing, unforgettable and action-packed beginning and just keeps going from there. The characters were nicely developed and completely genuine. Crazy, twisted, paranormal mystery/thriller that will appeal to fans of the horror genre. Graphic content—violence and sexual, and best suited for mature readers.

Like his other book “The Shady Corner”, this book “Shadowchild” by Matthew Williams is definitely not for the faint of heart or easily spooked… it is downright creepy and freaky and at times quite disturbing. So if you are into that ((which I totally am!)) then this is the book for you! The way he uses language to create emotion and describe scenery is impressive, and the characters are believable and well developed with several interesting transitions. Very cool mythos and lore he uses and I like the blend of past and present. This book is a great length to read in a few sittings – if you can take it! I had goosebumps throughout. Will look for more from Matthews in the future. Recommend for fans of dark paranormal, horror and suspense. Graphic content. Adults only.

This novel by Matthew Williams was so much more than just a simple “horror’ story to me. The writing is so good… strong and passionate and intelligent narrative that makes you really believe in the story and the characters. And I’m not easily impressed. Definitely shocked me on more than one occasion. And I’m not easily shocked. Overall the plot had more depth and complexity than I anticipated, and the ending truly shocked me. Certainly worth a read, and I’m interested in reading more from Williams in the near future.

Haunting and engrossing, this tale of centuries-old horror as told by author Matthew Williams will have you on the edge of your seat, hiding beneath the covers, and leave you wanting more. I enjoyed the dark and haunting vibe and is written in such a way that you feel very engaged and a part of the story, like you really know the characters and are in their shoes experiencing what they are---which is pretty damn awful at times. Most of the horror I read feels contrived and frankly, not all that scary. But this book managed to really get inside my head and freak me out! The writing was top-quality - a good amount of details and lyrical prose that added to the scenery without weighing it down any. Good pacing overall and I’m happy to read more from Matthew Williams in the future.

Goodreads Reader reviews

Gripping! is the first word i can think of, then out tumbles haunting, disturbing, graphically descriptive and the characters being so believable i felt i was in the story with them. I read it on a book reader on my phone and have literally not put the phone down for days as i had to keep reading! Glad I read it but will be sleeping with the light on for a good while!! Great book!

Lorraine Andrews (Read the full review)

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Great story! Action right from the start

By Dr Shock on June 16, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition-Verified Purchase

Great story! Action right from the start! A quality story is the main thing we readers are looking for, something that will put you on edge and keep you there, wanting more as you turn the pages. This book has just that. Something else that makes me really like this book is the wording. The way Matthew Williams describes everything makes you see it. It's as if you are there watching it happen! It's not an overkill of description, like many authors tend to do, taking a half of a page describing a chirping bird that has nothing to do with the story, yet the visual is complete. He also has a smooth way of telling the story that I personally enjoy. You can tell when an author really feels what he/she is writing because the words are smooth as glass and flow like a river.

How do I feel about this book? If you are a horror lover, and you don't mind a little blood and violence, then this is a very good read. I highly recommend it!

Excerpts from customer reviews on

5.0 out of 5 stars

Loved it!

By W. Jones on 31 Mar. 2017

Format: Kindle Edition - Verified Purchase

A creepy and mysterious journey to a pretty gruesome finale. Loved the characters and really enjoyed the story. A great read!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Really enjoyed the book from start to finish

By Amazon Customer on 6 Mar. 2017

Format: Kindle Edition - Verified Purchase

Cracking read. Really enjoyed the book from start to finish.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Creepy and riveting

By Raven on 20 May 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

This is the first book I've read by this author, and what a storyteller he is.

Shadowchild is creepy and riveting tale of pure evil which will keep you turning the pages to the book's dramatic conclusion.

If you're a fan of horror stories, then this one is worth reading.


5.0 out of 5 stars


By Amazon Customer on 31 Mar. 2017

Format: Paperback

Shadow child. Another fantastic well written book by Matthew Williams. Packed full of horror, gore, the supernatural and romance. It keeps you gripped the whole way through while getting to know the characters in great detail. I couldn't put it down wondering what is going to happen next. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

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