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Chapter 2




It always was Andrew’s favourite view of the female form, he was in his forties, but since adolescence he’d had something of an obsession with the female behind. It was all about the curves; definitely not big, he really wasn’t keen on the ‘junk in the trunk’ look that had grown more popular in the last decade or two. Buttock implants; now that was a weird craze, one that Andrew didn’t understand or have any desire to experience, it didn’t do it for him, but the curves! Yes, it was all about the curves.

He’s been staring for a while and Talia’s were perfect, her left leg pointed straight down the bed, her right was angled enough to accentuate the arc from her buttocks to her waist. Just enough flesh was hidden beneath the satin sheets to retain the enigma without her appearing clothed. He couldn’t help but think that a photograph of her as she lay in her bed right now would be classed as a work of art if it were placed in a gallery. ‘It’s sensual and erotic; the perfect female form with the slightest hint of nudity that illustrates how beautiful the human body can be.’ He could hear himself writing a review of the picture in front of him, he was defiantly obsessed with her.

He remembered a work colleague from years ago who used to bang on about the ‘one-hand-ass’ as he liked to call it. Basically, it was the span between his thumb and his little finger at full stretch, ‘anything bigger than that is too big for me mate,’ he’d say. Andrew couldn’t resist doing the one-hand-ass test on Talia; she failed as he knew that she would, ‘I guess you’re out then Russell,’ he smiled to himself.

Andrew stood up and finished drying himself off, fully aware that he really ought to be getting to work; he’d been late no fewer than ten times in last two months, it was probably more than that. It was his company, he was the boss, but people in his office will have noticed and he had always been proud of setting a good example; he didn’t want that to change because of Talia. He couldn’t invest his life in this obsession, ‘work comes first,’ had always been his motto, it had got him to where he was and it had helped him to make millions; he wasn’t about to change now, he had to tell himself that.

Talia stirred from her sleep, she rolled over letting the satin sheets slip over her skin leaving her naked as she watched Andrew pull on his boxers.

“I have to ask you something,” she said, her voice was seductive; Andrew didn’t need to see the look in her sapphire eyes or the slight curve of her temptress lips to feel it. He didn’t turn around, he couldn’t bring himself to; he knew how badly he wanted her and he really did need to get going.

“Yeah and what’s that?” he replied. They didn’t often speak the morning after, he’d usually just leave her sleeping; part of him preferred it that way.

“Are you married Andy, if that is your real name?”

“It’s my real name,” he pulled up his trousers and turned around bare-chested. It was obvious that he worked out, he wasn’t big, not like the type that seemed unable to move freely because of their muscle mass. He was defined and compact, zero percent body fat Talia guessed. “Why do you ask if I’m married?”

“I just figured coming here was somehow a safe way for you to get away from your bitch of a wife, if you don’t have one then you don’t need to come here to get your kicks Andy.” Talia turned onto her front and rested her head in her hands, watching him dress. “Seriously; you must have a queue of beautiful women knocking at your door.”

“Thank you for saying so,” he replied, he found her compliment a little embarrassing, mainly because he really did care what she thought. “I guess I never found the right woman,” he mused, “and at some point I guess I stopped looking.” He slipped on his shirt and stared down Talia’s back, ‘that arse, those curves!’ he puffed out his cheeks and buttoned himself up. “I could ask you much the same question though; given the way you look.”

“I know how good I look Andy, it’s one of the reasons I’m in this game; if I was a guy I’d definitely fuck me,” she laughed. “Although saying that, my girls never complain either,” she smiled. Andy didn’t know if she was joking, but he knew she’d said it in an effort to inflame his desire. He figured most guys enjoyed the lesbian fantasy; although the lesbian’s he’d met in his life kept his mind well away from such thoughts.

“So what are the other reasons you’re in this game then?” he asked.

“Let’s just say I’m not good when I care for people,” she looked a little sad, it was only for a split-second but Andy noticed it. “And a girl’s gotta make a living somehow, I look good and I enjoy sex; it keeps me out of trouble.” She tried her best to make it seem simpler than it was, but Andy wasn’t buying it. ‘Tell her how you feel, she likes you and you know it!’ Andy finished getting dressed in silence while he struggled with his thoughts, ‘you can’t be with a whore you twat! And that’s all she is, just get out of here; maybe make this the last time you see her!’ Andy took out his wallet and placed a grand on her bedside table before heading for the door.

“Andy,” Talia said, surprised by his lack of response.

“Yes,” he replied, he stopped but didn’t turn.

“You are my favourite client y’know,” the room stayed quiet for a time, “I really do mean that,” she added.

“Is it because I tip well, don’t worry I can afford it.”

“It’s not that at all, it’s because you’re kind to me; you’d be surprised how few people I can say that about.”

“In your line of work Talia, I’m not sure I would be,” he regretting saying it the moment the words passed his lips. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that,” he said quickly.

“That’s alright; but even before all this, since birth for all I know; it’s just a handful of people my entire life.” Her sadness was back again, “I just wanted you to know that’s all.” Andy hated her for saying it, all it did was give him hope about something that he knew wouldn’t lead anywhere. ‘Walk out the door and don’t say anything, you don’t fucking love her, she’s just a good looking whore!’ Despite his thinking he still went to speak, he turned around and drew breath; Talia seemed keen to hear what he’d say.

“Thanks, but I have to go,” was all that he eventually said.

“Be safe until the next time Andy,” her reply was chirpy, but it didn’t seem false; it only caused confusion, or maybe it proved everything she did was an act.

“You too, I’ll be in touch,” he replied and then left.


With Andy gone, Talia climbed out of bed and checked her mobile, she didn’t use a pimp so her clientele contacted her directly and she never let that interrupt another client’s time; checking her phone was just another part of the job. While scrolling through her messages she wondered why she even stayed on social media. It only generated noise that she had to filter out, and she didn’t like to risk new clients given the ones she already had. Some of the comments did make her smile though.

Her number however, was strictly for clients, it was her unbreakable rule; she decided who she serviced and in what manner. So why she had a message from the same stranger for the third day in a row was starting to piss her off. Obviously one of her trusted clients wasn’t to be trusted. Although the message did seem promising, perhaps another big tipper like Andy. The stranger spoke of his yacht as a suggested meeting place; too risky perhaps. She moved on, ‘Chopper, where have you been you big sissy?’ she smiled and lit a cigarette. Chopper was a gang member; she recalled her apprehension before their first meeting knowing that, she figured taking risks had been necessary back when she was starting out but not anymore. Chopper tipped pretty well, probably with drug money, not that Talia cared; money is money was her attitude, so long as she didn’t have to witness the effects.

‘Need to meet up, sorry it’s been a while! Usual thing, usual place?’ that’s all his text said, it seemed a good choice to take her mind somewhere else after her conversation with Andy.

‘Tonight, what time?’ She text back. ‘Usual thing,’ this made her laugh reading again. Chopper was a big guy, huge even; not all muscle like Andy, but double his size. His ‘thing’ was to dress up as a girl and be dominated; he’d call Talia master and make apologies for being naughty so she could punish him. Talia played the part full on with chains, whips, strap on dildos, and whatever else sprang to mind in the heat of the moment. He was without a doubt the oddest character on her list, but she found engaging with him entertaining. Two more messages from the stranger, she took a long drag on her cigarette and stubbed it out before deleting them.

Perhaps the only indiscreet thing that she did in regards to her clients was keep a meticulous record of her liaisons. It had started way back at the beginning of her career, just something for someone to find if anything bad ever happened. Her reasons had changed and it had become more of a habit nowadays, but she kept it simple.


25th Jan 2017, Andy, home (full night) £500 – paid £1000

26th Jan 2017, Chopper, 16, Endwood Drive (2 hours + travel) £300


After scribbling down the last two entries in her ledger, she placed it back in the drawer and went for a shower.


The air wasn’t all that cold; only when the gusts of icy wind filtered through the trees and between the houses did Talia think about regretting her decision to wear only a coat over her dominatrix playwear. She intended to arrive in character, removing her coat to reveal thermals or woollens would tarnish the mood, good service equalled good tips in her experience. The walk from the bus stop to Chopper’s place wasn’t a long one; she’d walked this walk numerous times in the past, it was five minutes, maybe six.

It was quite a house that Chopper lived in; whoever said crime doesn’t pay obviously hadn’t met him, Talia figured. Although she did stop to wonder if the gang thing was real as she finished her cigarette at the foot of his drive. The nickname, the lifestyle he claimed to have; for all she really knew he was a top surgeon cheating on his highflying career wife while she was out of town. It made sense, maybe more sense than the gangland drug dealer thing, not that it mattered, her life was a web of lies too.

“Hey baby, it’s been a long time,” Talia pressed her tongue against her upper lip and smiled at Chopper as he opened the door. The warmth caressed her when she stepped inside uninvited, she planned to take charge from the off. ‘Is everyone being weird today?’ she asked herself when Chopper just shut the door after her and strolled away without speaking.

“What’s up baby?” she asked, her voice was raised enough to ensure that he’d hear her.

“I have a surprise for you,” he replied. Talia felt uneasy, he was never like this, but her intrigue got the better of her and she followed him anyway. He led her to the usual place, his ‘dungeon’ as he called it; it was basically a cellar with an array of sex toys inside. She couldn’t be certain, but he seemed to have added some new ones, he’d certainly had a change around. No, the crucifix-like restraint in the corner was definitely new; maybe that was his surprise, either that or the room in general.

Talia stripped off her coat and hung it by the bottom of the stairs, Chopper had slipped away to get changed; it was pretty much the usual routine although she hadn’t seen exactly where he’d gone. She didn’t recall the dungeon being quite so dark, it seemed strange given the addition of the mirrored wall; surely that should have brightened the room? It didn’t matter, she liked the mirrors; she wandered nearer to them and admired her reflection. What she’d said to Andy this morning was true, and even more so when she was dressed the way she was, certainly to those with filthy minds anyway. She fingered the handles of the whips and canes on the custom-built rack that was mounted on the wall, no way was she the only whore Chopper brought down here, different whores for different fantasies she supposed. She settled for the riding crop, she remembered it was his favourite, she cracked it against the heal of her boot; ‘that’s the sound he likes,’ she smirked.

A doorway in the mirrored wall opened, Talia played it cool, but it obviously sent her pulse racing a little.

“Pretty awesome don’t you think?” Chopper gloated. Talia looked him up and down figuring he wasn’t dressed for his usual, if anything he looked even sillier; she did well not to laugh.

“It’s pretty cool yeah. What’s with the outfit?” she asked. She decided it would be best to try to stay in character, so she slapped him up under his chin with the riding crop and stared into his eyes. “You wanna play something different tonight? Or were you expecting someone else you naughty boy!” she slid the riding crop down his chest; its tip flicked the tassels and chains on his sleeveless leather jacket. ‘He looks so gay, so village people,’ she kept a straight face.

Somebody watched keenly from behind the two-way mirror, their eyes widened when Talia began stroking Chopper’s manhood through his leather shorts.

“You do couples don’t you?” Chopper asked; he seemed apologetic, slightly nervous to even ask.

“That depends,” Talia replied; the mirrored door opened for a second time.

“Depends on what?” she heard a female voice say. Despite her nerves, Talia continued playing; her client was clearly enjoying it.

“Who the couple are, and then there’s the fee.” The woman stepped through the open door; she was dressed in much the same attire as Talia only she didn’t look as good, she was far stockier, maybe even a bit macho.

“I can see why he likes you,” she remarked, looking Talia up and down.

“And you are?” Talia asked.

“I’m the rightful owner of that cock you’re playing with!” Talia moved her hand away, sensing her hostility. “No need to stop cuz the wife’s in the room,” she added, sidling closer before shoving her hand between Talia’s legs. “So how about it then?” she whispered in her ear, rubbing her hard, right on her button. “Double the fee for double the pleasure, what do you say?”

“This is not how I like to do things,” she was a little distracted; ‘women are always so much better at this than guys,’ she thought. It conflicted with the feeling in her gut that was telling her to get out of there.

“You like a woman’s touch, I can tell.” Talia was desperate to pretend otherwise but her pelvis had given her away by responding to her touch. “People call me Red,” she said; obviously on account of her fiery hair. ‘Not very original, but I guess the gang thing is real, Chopper and Red, it must be!’ the notion excited her more, adding an element of fear; she swallowed hard.

“I’m Ta…” Red interrupted and moved her hand inside her panties.

“Oh I’ve heard all about you Talia!” she clamped two fingers either side of her button and flicked it with a third. “You really are beautiful, so what’s your decision?”

“Double it is I guess,” Talia whispered; her eyes were half closed, Red’s fingers felt amazing.

“Good,” Red smiled then lashed out with her tongue, thrusting it inside Talia’s mouth. Chopper watched the two women entwined in a passionate oral embrace waiting for his wife’s next move. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with what might be coming; he had feelings for Talia, much the same as Andy did, well more or less.

“You’re good,” Talia said, taking a break from their kiss, she felt like she did in the early days. Scared and excited simultaneously, such a turn on not knowing what to expect next; her heart was beating so fast, ‘you’re losing control,’ she told herself.

“You’re overdressed; take off your clothes!” Red commanded her, their lips inches apart. Talia was so close to orgasm she failed to fully understand, Red kept up the pace with her fingers but increased the pressure; Talia’s knickers were already soaked through. “I’m the mistress, he’s the slave and you’re just the dumb bitch whore, that’s the game; now strip!” she ordered again. ‘You need to get out now!’ it took every ounce of Talia’s self-control, but she took hold of Red’s wrist and shoved her away.

“I don’t play that role, I don’t do submissive; this is a mistake, I should go.”

“The fuck you will bitch!” Red slapped Talia across the face; she stumbled and fell to her knees. ‘Are we playing now, or is this bitch for real?’ she wasn’t comfortable with it either way. Even without Red’s fingers, her womanhood still twitched for more, she was so close, barely seconds away; she just couldn’t focus.

“I really have to go!” she cried; hoping to end the game there, she prayed it was still a game.

“You’ve been coming here for years whore!” Red yelled in her face, “fucking my man, playing games with his head making sure he’ll always want you to come back for another fix.” Talia looked up at Red, sincerity in her wet eyes.

“Please don’t do this,” she begged.

“Do you know what he said to me when I confronted him about you?” Talia’s lips shrivelled to nothing and she shook her head. “He said you were the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen,” Red laughed. “Imagine being told that by your own fucking husband, huh?” she had a crazy look in her eye, Talia was shaking. “He set this up y’know, to save his own sorry ass; I had him tied up right over there when he offered me a chance meet with you. And here you are every bit as beautiful as he said you were.” She paused with her bottom lip clamped between her teeth, her menacing stare burning Talia’s eyes. “Tie the bitch up and let’s get this over with,” she barked her orders at Chopper.

“I’m sorry okay, you don’t have to do this; you never have to see me again if that’s what you want.” Talia pleaded with Red as Chopper advanced.

“I’d like to believe you, really I would, but so long as you look the way you do this one’s always gonna be thinking about you; and I can’t have that!” Chopper was still aroused, it was easy to see, and Talia still held the riding crop in her hand.

“Don’t do something you’ll regret later,” the wetness in Talia’s eyes turned to a steely glare.

“I won’t regret fucking you up so bad that no man ever looks at you again, I’m not planning to kill you if that’s what you’re worried about,” Red wore the Devil’s smile.

“Have it your way,” Talia said quietly. She kicked Chopper in the groin with her five inch heel and whipped Red across her face with the riding crop. Even in heals Talia was quick; quick enough to grab her coat and be up the stairs before either one of them could give chase.

“We’ll hunt you down bitch!” Red yelled, nursing her flaming cheek; Talia was out of there. Red kicked Chopper in the stomach, “find that bitch and bring her to me!” she screamed in his face.


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